"Hale's Tale is the most playful reading program"

Hale’s Tale is a fun, innovative approach to learning how to read. Children embark on an exciting adventure where they play mini games that strengthen their early reading skills.

At Berrytale Studios, we believe that children can quickly blossom into confident, capable readers when they're highly motivated to learn essential reading skills. Guided by this conviction, game designers teamed up with educators to fuse an adventure story with fun, systematic reading instruction. For young learners, it’s an irresistible combination.

What is Hale's Tale?


Children explore a beautiful game world, meet a host of characters, and play mini games that develop their early reading skills.


Hale's Tale is an adventure story embedded with fun, systematic reading instruction.


Mini games are leveled appropriately, and grownups can observe a child's growth through the app's progress-monitoring tool.


"Finally here is a Goldilocks educational app that fits both the child’s and parent’s needs — not dry, not over-stimulating … just right in the middle of playful fun and peaceful learning."


ELAINE GOH, parent and blogger at Planting Peas

"Hale’s Tale is completely different than any reading app I have found and has made me a believer that there really is a place for technology while teaching young children... We have been enjoying Hale’s Tale for over a month now and my boys still absolutely adore it."

SARAH NOFTLE, parent, teacher, and blogger at How Wee Learn

"If you are looking for something interactive and systematic, but not overwhelming, then Hale’s Tale should hit the mark... It has just the right amount of fun and playful rewards to keep kids engaged."



parent, teacher, and blogger at Growing Book by Book

"Reading is a life skill, not just something on the checklist to educate a child, and the developers of Hale’s Tale fully understand that.


I highly recommend trying out their learn to read app if you want to help make reading a happy experience."


KATIE, parent and blogger at Preschool Inspiration

"Hale’s Tale is a fantastic app that ticks all the boxes when it comes to wanting to help young children on their way to becoming proficient readers."


"My son is 11 and with dyslexia.  He's very delayed in his reading. Hale's Tale is the first thing that has engaged him enough to want to sound out and try on his own. I was overjoyed as I realized the effort he was putting in and the success he is having." 


Why it works

Thanks to researchers, we know exactly what young children need to blossom into competent readers. They greatly benefit from mastering "early word reading skills"—phonological awareness, letter knowledge, and various sight words.


In general, there are two predominant approaches to learning these key skills: one is more adult-directed and onerous, and the other is more child-directed and playful. The most common approach is the former.


Time and time again, well-meaning grownups push kids to develop reading skills through tedious, uphill tasks—and, predictably, the joy of learning to read dries up.


But there’s another way.


At Berrytale Studios, game designers and educators created Hale’s Tale to help young children master early word reading skills through a more child-directed approach—through playful practice that’s developmentally appropriate.


In Hale’s Tale, a child creates an avatar, sending them on a thrilling adventure across an archipelago. There, they encounter winsome characters and play fun mini-games that strengthen their early word reading skills.


The mini-games are suitably leveled. (Practice sessions gradually become more challenging for kids.) And, as the children play and master different aspects of learning to read, their progress is rewarded; they gain access to exciting, new levels and earn “coins” for purchasing useful items for their avatar.


Hale’s Tale is a highly motivating, sensible approach to learning how to read, inspiring kids to master crucial reading skills with joy.


Matias Tuomela


Aleksi Tuomela

Creative director

Johannes Tuomela


Timo Saarinen